About No.88

No.88 was born from the desire to create. 

My name is Melanie and I am the designer and maker behind No.88. I first learnt the art of crochet in my very early twenties from my grandmother who I was visiting on a trip home to Australia. We have always been close and every memory I have of Nan as a child is very warm and fond. The handmade gifts she would give us on Christmas and the crafty things she did with us when we would visit her on weekends. Her patience and soft, kind voice was what really instilled in me the love of creating something with my hands. She is a true artist in every sense, I am rather proud to tell you all that she is a well known artist in Australia and often has her art shown in galleries in Australia. She tells me now that I've surpassed her in crochet skill but in my eyes and in my heart she is the creme de le creme in all things artistic. 

The Beverly bag is her namesake. I hope that when you wear your bag or admire it, you are reminded of the the love, history and joy that is intertwined in each stitch.


Love, Melanie.


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