One bag; any occasion.

Introducing The Beverly; a handcrafted artisan bag.

From Australia to Dubai, an art nurtured and cultivated by the designer comes The Beverly Bag. Each stitch, every intricate detail, echoes the soulful narrative of an art passed down from generation to generation, weaving together tradition and contemporary elegance.


Small Quantities, Slow Drops

The Beverly and The Bridgette are bespoke hand woven bags by No.88. Each piece is created by hand, each stitch with purpose.

  • Beverly in Sand

    The vibrant Indian Ocean is the backdrop to a Winter escape far from home. The Beverly bag is the ideal travel companion.

  • Moody Black

    The Beverly in Black is the moody twin. She values the elegance of understated tones and accents the delicate beauty of the wearer.

  • Sunset Date

    Beverly in sand; the orignal. She is calm, chic and at her best in the midst of balmy, alfresco afternoons.